David|Guitarist|14(: My name is David, i love to play guitar, and i love many things, like chilling with my friends and this amazing, down to earth, beautiful girl named Amanda <3 Aaaanyways, other than that, i wanna be famous someday, and i'm hoping it happens but for now, just gonna practice to be my best (y) #swagg,
The awkward moment when you're in the car and accidently make eye contact with people in the car next to you.

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That urge you get to write “No one gives a shit” on someone’s status.


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When your teacher complains about having to grade papers..

Bitch you gave us the work!

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That awkward moment when you trip:



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That owl is in time to the music we’re analysing in class right now.

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Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel: done &lt;3
Me during a math test:





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